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oPEn FormaT ART mAkErs

Rangjogi is a collaborative artist based community conceived by Kabira in partnership with film makers around the globe.

We have 4 verticals, namely, Digital Content, Product Line, Art Installations and Workshops. What we create comes from Kabira’s nuanced experiences leading transient global lives.

Kabira’s unique and funky style is bought to life through the experiences and the products delivered to our clients. The concept emerges out from an energy and we become the medium of creation.

Rangjogi is conceived to authentically engage and amuse the senses of an urban audience who inevitably find themselves leading transient lives.

As a conscious concept design brand, we embrace working on small quantities, with men and women paid fairly for their time and effort. We also strive to produce our products as carbon conscious as we can while balancing cost, and ultimately pricing for our end-users.

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