Fantasy Custom Art Portrait (Pokemon)

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Fantasy Custom Art Portrait (Pokemon)

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Starts at Rs 999/-
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Please mention the information in the Notes Section

  • Mention the number of people/pets to include.
  • Select the background
  • Be Specific! Add any notes for our artist to follow. (Describe background, clothing, pose, face, body type etc.)
  • Upload up to 3 photos
  • Please provide as much information as possible in the artist notes to help our team create the perfect custom cartoon portrait! 🙂 Anything not specified will be assumed by our artists. Any changes to the final illustration which were not included in your original order notes may result in additional charges.

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Rs. 1099 /- onwards, People: 1699/-, Pet: 699/-, Background: 999/-

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    Agapita Ramos, 34, from New Mexico, is charged with third-degree felony aggravated battery

    A woman was arrested after she ran her boyfriend over with a pickup truck and beat him with a baseball bat following an argument over a shirt.

    Agapita Ramos, 34, from New Mexico, faces aggravated battery charges after the alleged assault on her boyfriend on March 23.

    Court records say he was so badly beaten he had to have reconstructive surgery on his right
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    According to Magistrate Court records, Ramos’ boyfriend got out of her 1992
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    She told him she was going to drive him home but then changed her mind
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    Agapita Ramos allegedly ran over her boyfriend in her 1992 white Chevrolet
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    Ramos’ boyfriend was taken to Gerald Champion Regional Medical Center
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    Ramos’ boyfriend started walking away from the truck with his
    beer when he heard the revving of the truck’s engine.

    He saw Ramos driving it towards him before being hit, according to records.

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