BMW 335 E90 E91 E92 E93 (N55) 3.0L Single Turbo Twin Power - Boost Leak Tester Billet Aluminum - TURBO BOOST LEAK TESTERS

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Boost Leak Tester for your Turbo's Compressor Inlet Flange
Take the guesswork out and spool the turbo with confidence knowing there are no leaks using this boost leak tester kit! Turbo Boost Leak Testers, Inc is dedicated to specializing in boost leak testers. Thats it!   Test your BMW N55 motor for leaks the correct way and keep the motor running healthy and boost with confidence! Pressurizing the system will allow you to run peak boost your motor was tuned for and ensure you are putting all the power down without any leaks.   A boost leak will cause the compressor wheels to over-spin to compensate for the lost pressure.  Eventually this puts a lot of strain on the turbos and they start to develop shaft play from running hot and poor oiling.   Its an inevitable test that every turbo motor owner should do to keep the motor in good health and avoid costly repairs, especially if tuned, street racing or any track racing.  Too many times we've seen customer cars come in thinking there aren't any boost leaks or "its been smoke tested" only to find some boost leaks.   This throws off the tune, causes air fuel ratios to always be "chasing" for the loss in expected air, messes with ignition timing from increased air temps and reduces fuel economy. This boost leak tester will pressurize the whole charge pipe path and detect any leaks from the turbo to the motor.   This includes faulty diverter/bov's, clamped connections in the charge pipe, intercooler and all connections at the intake manifold.   Basically everything the turbo normally pressurizes The boost leak tester will fit over the stock turbo inlet pipe.  This is the block that bolts to the turbo compressor housing.  With that said remove the oil cap! to keep your crankcase pressure to 0 when filling the system.   Some common leak points are:- the o-ring connections at the outlet to intercooler, intercooler to charge pipe, especially with aftermarket upgraded intercoolers and charge pipes!- PCV valve that is built into the valve cover- torn diverter / blow off valve seal- isolation of boost leak vs waste gate vacuum line leak Design Features & Whats Included:   (1) 2" Billet Aluminum End Cap drilled and tapped for schrader valve and boost gauge (1) Custom Boost Gauge - Stainless steel shock-proof glycerin-filled.  Range 30 PSI/ 2 Bar (1) Tire Valve stem/Schrader valve for easy testing (2) Stainless Steel T-Bolt Clamps  (1) High quality silicone hose Lifetime warranty from defects on all the components except the t-bolt clamps.  Works on these BMW's: - E90 335i N55  Production 09/2009 - 12/2011- E91 335i N55 Production 09/2009 - 5/2012- E92 335i N55 Production 11/2008 - 6/2013- E93 335i N55 Production 11/2008 - 10/2013 Instructions: 1. Remove the intake pipe between the air box and the turbo inlet pipe.  2. Install the boost leak tester onto the inlet pipe #14 in the pic shown.  This inlet pipe is p/n #137175992903. **remove the oil cap to relief pressure from crank case4.  Fill the system with a compressor.  Start with low pressure such as 5 psi.  Listen for leaks, fix leaks and repeat to catch the next leak.  Largest leaks are found first.5. Increase to 10 pounds, 15 pounds.6. Now go drive with confidence that the turbo is making full boost safely and efficiently!

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