About us

About Us

Let’s travel to infinity

Welcome to the world devoid of pronouns.

Look around. The colors of the sky, the people, the chaos. So diverse, so distinct. And yet at our core, we are all seekers of love. Our every step, our every breath, is a cry for love. Even the simplest of atoms pursue that very love. However, it’s just us humans who have the ability of choice. We, at rangjogi are seekers of eternal love; that which is already within is. We’re on this spaceship that’s open to every one regardless of mortal distinctions , on a voyage towards infinity, steered by our art.
A mother’s nightly lullaby. Playful sandcastles on the beach by the kids. A wail of remorse. The breath of exertion. A heart wrenching poem. We see colours in everything and anything and capture this beauty through our art. We strive for a world that celebrates rainbows; and yet sees the union of the colourless water drops and light that gives rise to such a rainbow.

Love is language that makes no sound. We seek music, of silence, and words of blankness.
We seek, ourselves.
Come, let’s remember who we are.

Meet Our Team

@experientalist the whacko brainchild. From being an Auditor to a waiter, to a documentary film maker (from a clap boy), he has worked in over 7 years in the corporate scene (Ex-EY) and dreams of making movies the world has never witnessed.





@thelastpostcard the creative designer. An architect by qualification, found buildings a tad bit boring, fell in love with films and became an Art Director. Loves to conduct work shops and is a brilliant graphic designer. Dream is to design everything from scratch, right from a pin to her own jet plane.


  • THE LIL FLEA 2019
  • WE WORK 2019
  • SULA FEST 2020

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